Utilizing a variety of musical influences, ranging from Soul to Hip-Hop, Goldberg artfully crafts relatable tunes that uniquely express the human condition. A sound that has been described by some, as “Electric Soul.” Teamed up with a stellar group of musicians (Jonny Trumpet, Mikey Phatz, and Nadir Baaset) as well as audio engineer Justin Daniel, and world class producer Another Monster. They have produced a sound that is both natural, and electronic which comes together in a unique and refreshing way, giving Goldberg the perfect melodic canvas to paint on with his raw, sometimes sweet sounding voice.


A proficient video editor and director, Goldberg is always working with many creative cinematic minds to create music videos that further explain the meaning of the sound and words. In his interview with the Ark of Music, Goldberg expressed how important it is that the meaning of each piece of music is clearly understood ; ” I want to write songs that relate more to what people are actually going through. A lot of the media today is focused so much on material growth, when in reality a lot of us are not… I really hope that these are messages people can really take in, really hear ya know?” With his first official single release, “Let’s Dance,” Goldberg has already received some amazing reviews. He was the featured Artist of the Month on the online music blog The Ark of Music, he was also featured on 99X’s local feature “Must Not Suck”,and was also awarded Artist of the Week by Kennesaw State’s student run radio station, Owl Radio.